The Playtime Original Soundtracks from CruelLEGACEY Productions:

Playtime Season 4 Original Soundtrack

Playtime Season 3 Original Soundtrack

Playtime Original Soundtrack Volume 1 (Seasons 1 & 2)



All Playtime music by CruelLEGACEY Productions, Copyright 2011.

28 comments on “Music
  1. cameron says:

    Hey CruelLegacey I was just woundering if you can make some music for our machinama and when we do the credits we will put your name or your Gamertag in it thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ note I already made some but we are not ready to record yet im hoping to get a capture card for Christmas thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚ and any of you can make music for me and my friend just send me an email and at th credits we will put your gamertag!!!

  2. Headhun7er says:

    Hey, nice music. I really think “Our Darkest Hour” is a wonderful piece with its complex depressing feel, yet it has a reviving touch of hope. Could you possibly give me a list of piano notes? All I need are the notes; I can figure out the rest (tempo, dynamics, beat) on my own. Thanks.

    • playtimeshow says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it ๐Ÿ™‚
      I’d be happy to tell you the notes I played, except I don’t know them off the top of my head. I never properly learned how to play piano… I just play “by ear”. Next time I’m in front of a piano I’ll spend a few minutes working it out and I’ll get back to you.

  3. cameron says:

    Can you send me a friend request so I can learn
    how to play the piano if always wanted too thanks

  4. cameron says:

    Almost all the songs are sad ๐Ÿ™ but the last one is happy:) and I do not get how dose Cobra get on the Generals ship I thought he died?

  5. dantopgearfan says:

    nice music! I seem to have heard the “our darkest hour” song before?

  6. Edward Oskarsson says:

    Edward Oskarsson
    As i prepare, to walk among the daunting shadows, the frightening shadows, i remember what its all for. I seem to find reason. it is, not because i have nowhere else to go, but because i know, at the other end of that dark hallway, filled with fright, there is a Sweet Dream. A Sweet Dream, waiting to be fulfilled.
    Of course, be reminded, that within all the associations you are making on you’r own, most importantly i am now speaking of the choices you are given in life!

    I just posted this on Facebook, as a goodnight, and it just came floating in while i was listening to, well i think you might know…
    I just wanted you to know.

    Also, i am still wondering if you can tell me what software you are using for your music, because music and machinima is really my only passion.

    It is that wish of creating that i have, and i will continue to have. And if i am going to refer to playtime, i will say that just as Cobra needs to learn the ropes, so do i.
    There is a reason why we wrote down our knowledge. To pass it on, and to do so with a little less effort than for the ones that had to learn all on their own.

    – Edward Oskarsson
    – MR speed kill

    • cameron says:

      You must be an genious he is using a mac I have a mac book air or a widows xp or widows 7 don’t get a mac book air they lock up a lot but our school gives us them and when they die it loose part of your stuff but if you want one its fine i am just telling you what just might happen and cruellegacey are going to keep playtime going or end it now. I think you should go in and make a least 3 seasons of it and then set up training class online or a store fyi if you get a lot of money from the soundtrack and the t-shirts and the movies you might be able too make a movie or a tech class on line or a guitar lesson class. But good luck with everything I will try too buy as much stuff as I can so you could use one of my idea’s or one stuff that you need and I am making a website called the “FLEX”clan so if anyone wants to join send me a message on the Xbox 360 saying yea I’ll join and so on
      You do not have to change your armory or emblem if you want to you can put your gamer tag as exsample FLEX Joshenator2011 which i will change soon. So see you guys later. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Playtime is a great show. I’ve managed to get one of my friends hooked on it too, and now with Season 2 on Waypoint, we can watch together while in a party.

    In addition to the hilarity between Warren and Cobra, I definitely enjoy the music and it’s cool that you’re releasing a digital album of it. Are there any plans to release a physical album at some point? It would go right next to my Halo and Red vs. Soundtracks, to be honest.

  8. Edward says:

    Hullo, as bilbo usually says in the book.
    Well, i have searched over your sites, in my quest for finding wanted information. But my search has been in vain.

    I am wondering what you have been using to produce your amazing music. It’s so nicely set up, and times. And it get’s just the right feel when i listen to it, it works around it’s theme, so MANY creds for that!

    So, my question is in reality: “What method did you use to produce theses so called:Quote from waypoint”cheesy techno beats” melodies in your Machinma?

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