Playtime is an extension of everything I love about Halo, and a huge part of that is Forge Mode. I've featured many custom forge-made locations over the course of the series, and they're all here for you to download and enjoy!


Playtime Season 3:

Tower Ruins - Download Map


Invader Fortress - Download Map


Playtime Season 2:

The Ascendant Tower - Download Map

For a more detailed look at the Ascendant Tower, click here.


Motivation Training - Download Map


Playtime Season 1:

Training Day - Download Map


Crash Coarse - Download Map


The Grif Cannon - Download Map


Armor Locked - Download Map


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“Playtime” was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo Reach, © Microsoft Corporation.

12 comments on “Maps
  1. Angelmadeofneon says:

    Hi guys, I’m twelve years old, and my eight year old brother and I watched these a few episodes per night. The first thing to say is that I LOVED it. Plus, I know you had a good ending for season 3, but is it possible that you could make a fourth? That would be great.


  2. Kc40k says:

    Dude, awsome videos. Thank you so much more making these

  3. sch1smarch says:

    i too would like to be in the show if i could but you guys don’t realize that its not really possible unless you know him in real life because you can;t lower your weapon on live also he may not be able to trust you to keep the custom forge maps away from other people when you play on it if you somehow get in to help.

  4. Nate says:

    I want to be a part in the show i have downloaded the maps an maybe i can download my friends halo chess for it and do a show

  5. cameron says:

    Good work on the map!! 🙂 I am posting a website soon if you want to I can give you the link but its not finished yet.

  6. Galactic Marine says:

    Just got a look at Ascendent Tower, are you an architect, because that looks pro. Great work! I look forward to seeing the next one.

  7. Sepiormon says:

    Hey , CruelLegacy one of my firend wants to help out (by playing a role) his name is Deathnotemax and he is a big fan of play time good work by the way.

  8. UnseenBubby 117 says:

    Hey, CruelLEGACY. I am a huge fan of Playtime. I can’t wait to see Season 2, and I love the maps. Great work, man!

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