Ascendant Tower 7

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Ascendant Tower 7
10 comments on “Ascendant Tower 7
  1. ryan says:

    i am a big fan of your show so if your show
    hey if you have xbox live can you be my friend so i can save some of the map and try it out.

    p.s my name on the xbox 360 is EnvingGolom

  2. brandon says:

    yo dude i cant uploud the map just find me on XBOX Live plz just look me up and add me as a frind and just tack me to the map just to mack it easyer on me and mack it faster.

    • playtimeshow says:

      Hey man, there’s a download button right there on the Gallery page. It takes you to the map on my fileshare. You can download it from their straight to your Xbox.

      • brandon says:

        that just it i dont know how to work so i dont know how

      • lm Stylz says:

        hey can u actually download the maps

        • playtimeshow says:

          You can download the maps, but not from Bungie disconnected their website from all the Halo games, so the only way to do it now is from within the game menu. Go to the file browser in Halo Reach and find my fileshare. My gamertag is CruelLEGACEY. All the maps are on my fileshare.

  3. brandon says:

    yo dude hey i like that big base thing u know the one in sweet dreams i was thinking maybe you can look me up on xbox live and make me a map just like it. Or be my frind and take me to that map and let me save it so i can save some time and play on it faster.
    (p.s. my name on xbox live is skatefreck227)

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