Welcome to the Gallery Page! This is where you’ll find all your favorite Playtime related media and content.

Take a look at the Images page to see all the official hi-res Playtime screenshots.

The Maps page contains download links to all the custom forge-maps I made for the various sets featured in Playtime.

The Music page is where you'll find the complete Playtime Soundtrack. Check out the tracks with the built-in media player, and buy the complete soundtrack for yourself!


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"Playtime" was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo Reach, © Microsoft Corporation.

19 comments on “Gallery
  1. Zac Codfish says:

    dude i love this playtime show! cant wait till crash course comes out! ill send u a friend request my tag is zach8290

  2. Tony Fonsworth says:

    Is your gamertag “CruelLegacey”

  3. Commando says:

    Just noticed the video on Waypoint and decided to come take a visit and I’m going to have to say this might very well be the next Red VS Blue.

    Awesome stuff CruelLegacey!

  4. Dj Finest says:

    LOL Lopez Sounds Very Familiar To Me

  5. tom says:

    cool if ya need help with out send me a mesage :aciddave2004

  6. kieran wilson-dando says:

    me 2

  7. Legoman15 says:

    Awsome man!!! Like the idea and love the theme song 🙂

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