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This development blog series follows the making of Playtime Season 2. From the early steps of pre-production to the final video mastering, these articles will teach you everything you need to know about machinima making.

Part 1 - Voice Acting and Audio Recording


Part 2 - Story Boards and Animatics


Part 3 - Filming


Part 4 - Video Editing


Part 5 - Audio Editing and Final Mastering

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"Playtime" was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo Reach, © Microsoft Corporation.

6 comments on “Development Blog
  1. broybros says:

    I don’t think anyone has asked this [looking at the comments above] will you continue playtime sometime? I know that the end of season three was meant to be “The End” of playtime, but, it would be cool if it was continued.

  2. amf2956 says:

    plus may i be in the playtime show if your answer is yes, friend me, my gamertag is amf2956

  3. amf2956 says:

    please put the rangers base from “flashback 1” on the fileshare

  4. daniel says:

    hey cruel, you may have gotten this before
    but…could i be in your videos as a body actor cameo with or without a few lines to say please it would really make complete my life to be in the playtimeshow video

  5. triston says:

    ma i be in your playtimeshow

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