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Playtime Q & A - Got questions about the making of Playtime, the future of the series, or machinima making in general? Head to the Playtime Q & A page to submit your questions!


Playtime Season 2 Development Blog


The Ascendant Tower


A sneak peak at one of the set-pieces from the upcoming Playtime Season 2.


A Message from Playtime


A hint of things to come...


The Making of Playtime


Originally premiered on Halo Waypoint, this video takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Making of Playtime. I give a complete overview of how I went about creating this Halo Reach machinima series as a 1-man production team.


The Grif Cannon: Test 01


The start of it all....




7 comments on “Extras
  1. dakota says:

    i think its relly cool on what you do but can you make more then 4 of them

  2. Hey I am LOVEZaKaOOdlEs and I was wondering if you want assistance?

  3. Mince Pie Man says:

    thanks! by the way can i get a few pointers on making a machinama ’cause i starin’ my own.

  4. Mince Pie Man says:

    dude i love those maps could you put them on your site

  5. Silentninjachik says:

    Hey could you put the music on your website it’s really cool. Like the music from episode four. I know you have the theme song up but the music you use would be nice. Also you should make it so we can download the music off your site.

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