Season 3

Playtime is a comedy machinima series from CruelLEGACEY Productions, filmed using Halo Reach.

Playtime Season 3 is here!

In Season 3, Warren goes on a quest to avenge the loss of his best friend Cobra. Little does he know that he is embarking on a far greater adventure than he could possibly imagine!

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Playtime Season 3


Playtime Season 3 Trailer



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37 comments on “Season 3
  1. steven says:

    Hey cruelLEGACEY, I am a big fan of your show. I am not asking to be part of your show although I would like that. I am writing this comment just to say not to stop the show after season 3. I think there should be a history of seasons, If it will be too hard to make a lot of seasons all by yourself I will be happy to help. thank you, please reply as soon as possible.

  2. lucas henning says:

    That last ep. was bad. But, not very Good. But I do love the last part of it. Where Ghost, and Red meet. Nice touch

  3. haloaddict says:

    Lol love all wonder what map u might do to use the beach?? And check out my site ppl it ok for people with no money but it all not bad was never good at making a site but it still great check it out

  4. Ghost says:

    Hi do you still do all thes by your self?

  5. jacques says:

    you said there were going to be 10 new characters right

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