Playtime is a Halo Reach Machinima series from CruelLEGACEY Productions.

Each new episode of Playtime will be posted here as they are released.

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Season 4


Season 3


Season 2


Season 1



111 comments on “Episodes
  1. Shoddoughnut75 says:

    can you also make a video of combat evolved aniversery if you can

  2. Shoddoughnut75 says:

    if any one send me a friend request my gamertag is ShodDoughnut75 or if that dosent work than try Shoddoughnut75

  3. joey m says:

    Hey man i know you probibly get alot of people willing to help but im awesome at building maps and id love 2 help chek my file share my gamer tag is legend o da gun and i promis ive never downloaded any mapes i make them myself

  4. Josh says:

    will there be a season 3 i think its so cool

  5. nathan bell says:

    Keep up with good work but why the sad ending cobr was my fav :’-(:’-(:’-(

  6. scorelesschief says:

    Hey man i really like your show if you need any help msg me online my gt is scorelesschief

  7. martin curley says:

    hay bude can i help you on the show as actor and i will help building the maps.

  8. Adog 5836 says:

    Hey man, it,s me Adog 5836, Hey I was wondering if you would need any help with your playtime show. If you want I could make some maps for you or I could be an actor if you want. If you are interested just message me online. You can also message me offline.
    (my gamertag has a space in between Adog and 5836. Oh, and one more thing, YOUR MAPS ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!! Although the map from crash test is not working.Some of the traps aren’t working, any tips?

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