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30 comments on “Contact
  1. J-P says:

    hey i was going to make a show a bit like playtime but iv only got two controllers so it would be great if u could help thanks

  2. pws says:

    sorry about bothering you but are you almost done with the music. i cant wait for your next season.

  3. pws says:

    when is season 3 coming out

    • playtimeshow says:

      I don’t have a release date set yet. As of right now I’ve completed filming and editing, but I still need to get the music together. I’m hoping to be completely finished within another couple weeks, so I should have release details soon after that 🙂

  4. Espn Only says:

    Hey CruelLegacy, I’ve been wondering on your teasers how you got the light that never ends or something like that. Could you tell me? I looked through all the items you can buy, but I can’t find it. Please tell me

    • playtimeshow says:

      Not sure which light you are talking about… Are you thinking of the energy beam in the “Commander” teaser? If so, that energy beam is part of the map. You can’t move it or change it… It’s always there 🙂

  5. Nate says:

    look i love playtime i want to see season 3 my gamertag is Nates and sky

  6. Tigerstangson says:

    Dude I like the playtimeshow and the music you preformed on playtime but is it hard to play more than 1 controler? Hope you make more playtimeshows I already know its going to be awesome! My gamertag is Tigerstangson. Please reply. =D

  7. sch1smarch says:

    well im not really sure, anyway could you send me a friend request and my Gamer Tag is Sch1smarch

  8. sch1smarch says:

    i didnt download them like that i got the names and i looked them up

    • playtimeshow says:

      Right, but after you looked them up, you were able to download them? I don’t understand where you could download them from, since the weren’t on my fileshare, and no one else has them. I’m not upset about it, just confused 🙂

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