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30 comments on “Contact
  1. locus says:

    Hey if u can read this please reply back thanks. Hey i saw your video of the last episode of the playtime show series. I think i was one of the first people who commented on the video. My youtube name i theloneghostwarrior. I was really unhappy how instead of warren getting red cobra got red then the series ends. When i saw that felt like you just kicked me in the stomach hard. Can you please do a episode where red likes warren not cobra. It would be really nice. If you can reply to this message please do. Thanks.

    • Playtime says:

      Hi Iocus,
      Thanks for taking the time to write. I’m sorry to say there won’t be any more episodes of Playtime. S4E8 was indeed the end of the show. You’re not the only person who was rooting for Warren 🙂 But the show ended the way it did because ultimately, Warren was just being selfish. Red never had feelings for him. If he had simply talked to her she could have told him so herself, but instead he got all jealous and competitive with Cobra. Red and Cobra were in love with each other, so of course they deserved to be together at the end. So while I wanted people to feel a little bad for Warren, try to remember that in the big picture, it really was a happy ending. Red and Cobra are happy, Dwight meets someone who cares about him, and Warren learns an important lesson about friendship. 🙂

  2. John-Peter says:

    hi it is gonna be new but i have never made one before if u wanna help just say

  3. :D This IS SPARTa The store says:

    Will you make a new series and also will there be addtions.

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