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As a dedicated Halo fan since day 1, I’ve spent countless hours enjoying the worlds and characters Bungie has created with this franchinse. In 2008 I began to work on my first Halo montage… since then I’ve produced over 75 videos and montages, and hundreds of screenshots. Why? Because it’s fun!

With the growing success of my videos, and my expansion into the world of Forge creation, I decided the time had come to give my projects a central home. In the winter of 2010, I launched

Since the luanch of my website, my work has continued to gain greater exposure thanks to dozens of features on,, and Halo Waypoint. I've expanded my work into new areas, including Achievement guides, Mythic walkthroughs, and more. Now, I've decided to give machinima a shot.

Welcome to!


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28 comments on “CruelLEGACEY Productions
  1. lucas henning says:

    When is season 4 come out, I can’t wait to see it?

  2. beastos9157 says:

    may ijoin iam a commander

  3. mr. not nice guy says:

    I am a huge fan of playtime. just one flaw today though. TODAY IS TUESDAY THE 22ND AND THERE IS NO NEW EPISODE! WHAT THE HECK MAN!?!

  4. 3PIC F41L :) says:

    what are ure real xbox 360 live gamertags i mean ive been after the maps for ages and i want to download them from ur file share:)

  5. Dave says:

    So overall, pretty good.

    However I had a few questions.
    How do you film?
    Since 343 industries took over the world, there is no rendering service that I know of. Do you use a capture card?

    Please inform me, i’d love to know.

    • Playtime says:

      I used bungie pro for everything. Luckily I was able to finish making Season 3 before they shut down the service.

      • Owen Spence says:

        So, what now? I am REAALLY hoping that they’ll make a new rendering service. I want to make a Machinima, but I can’t afford a capture card.

  6. Andres Diaz says:

    It MIGHT also be as my email.

  7. Andres Diaz says:

    I’d Like TO ask….Can i join the show. I mean I’m a captain G3 and well Are you looking for ODSTS’ with full armor set? please contact AnD tHe MaN13,on xbox live If you are.

  8. scorelesschief says:

    machinamas have to have fast episodes but long seasons and also learn that seasons need to come out between 2 weeks to three months so your fans will be excited unless you do that your fans will wear out

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