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As a dedicated Halo fan since day 1, I’ve spent countless hours enjoying the worlds and characters Bungie has created with this franchinse. In 2008 I began to work on my first Halo montage… since then I’ve produced over 75 videos and montages, and hundreds of screenshots. Why? Because it’s fun!

With the growing success of my videos, and my expansion into the world of Forge creation, I decided the time had come to give my projects a central home. In the winter of 2010, I launched

Since the luanch of my website, my work has continued to gain greater exposure thanks to dozens of features on,, and Halo Waypoint. I've expanded my work into new areas, including Achievement guides, Mythic walkthroughs, and more. Now, I've decided to give machinima a shot.

Welcome to!


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28 comments on “CruelLEGACEY Productions
  1. Marina Wolfbane says:

    I just started watching your show and I already love it! If you ever need any help, I’m always free…. That is unless I’m playing Halo: Reach… Please let me know.

  2. Seth says:

    when does season 3 come out

  3. freesethman says:

    wow i whold love to work with you guys!

    • aarondc7 says:

      um.hi i’m a great fan of playtime and i was wondering if i can possably be on one of your shows thanks for at least reading your good fan,aarondc7 p.s my gamer tag right now is gream reaper135

  4. brandon says:

    yes dont end it you need more then 4 if you need someone to help you i will help i am free from 2.40 to about 9.30 so you need help tell me.Ho and the show i doing very good and i love and i dont wont to see it end.

  5. Tyler says:

    Hey if you ever need any people to help you out im willing to do it and I need to start find someone that will help me in my practice of voice acting

  6. Fredi says:

    Hey man where can i downloads the soundtrack from 🙁 in the gallery it says that i can downloads it for free from a link but all i see is a tracklist for which i must pay …

    • playtimeshow says:

      Hey man, sorry about that. That was some old text from a former version of the page that had a few free downloads. I’ve corrected it now.

      The way it is set up now, you can listen to the tracks for free using the media player, but you need to buy them to download them. You can buy 1 track at a time, or the entire album if you like. I will still be posting free tracks from time to time as a bonus.

      • Fredi says:

        Yeah i tought so..well np’s (i dont have credit card so i cant buy any of them) ..but dude keep it up the series are really awesome,my friends also started watching them.I hope more people will start chekin’em out.As for the spundtrack’s man they r simply outstanding …so simple yet awesome!

      • Josh says:

        HI!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 when is the next race night my gamertag is Joshenator2011

  7. xRC GHOST says:


  8. Hey Warren please dont end the series after #4 this is amazing for just one person in my mind

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