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As a dedicated Halo fan since day 1, I’ve spent countless hours enjoying the worlds and characters Bungie has created with this franchinse. In 2008 I began to work on my first Halo montage… since then I’ve produced over 75 videos and montages, and hundreds of screenshots. Why? Because it’s fun!

With the growing success of my videos, and my expansion into the world of Forge creation, I decided the time had come to give my projects a central home. In the winter of 2010, I launched

Since the luanch of my website, my work has continued to gain greater exposure thanks to dozens of features on,, and Halo Waypoint. I've expanded my work into new areas, including Achievement guides, Mythic walkthroughs, and more. Now, I've decided to give machinima a shot.

Welcome to!


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28 comments on “CruelLEGACEY Productions
  1. Lil peperoni says:

    Hey cruel Legacy I’m making a machinima and I already read your thing on halo waypoint, (by the way It really helped me) but can u help me with theatre or give any tips? Just in case. My GT is lil peperoni if u want to add me.

    PS sorry this message is pretty generic. Lol

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