Playtime is a  machinima series filmed using Halo Reach.

It follows 2 friends; Warren and Cobra. Before charging off into battle, Cobra asks Warren to help teach him a thing or two. Warren, being a good friend, is happy to help. Each episode covers a new portion of Cobra's training. They usually do not go well.

Playtime is a CruelLEGACEY Production. Each episode is made 100% by me alone. The writing, music, voice work, forge construction..... I even controlled both characters at the same time with a controller in each hand!

To see more of my work, visit www.cruellegaceyproductions.com.


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18 comments on “About
  1. Adog5836 says:

    Cruel! Where is the new season man!? ITS BEEN MORE THAN A YEAR NOW!!!!

    • Playtime says:

      Hey now, it hasn’t been that long 🙂
      Season 3 just ended in May!
      To answer your question though, Playtime is a little up in the air right now. I was waiting for Halo 4 to come out so I could use it, but there are some big problems with it when it comes to making machinima, so I might go back to Reach now.

  2. franky says:

    you should make a season 4 if you do make one of the good guy dies not cobra or warren there my favorite

  3. matt says:

    me and my friend love your show and it inspired us take up making our own using halo any suggestions on getting it started.

  4. Ashley XBLGT: Perci2112 says:

    I love Playtime, i would love it also if i could star in it, but i doubt that would ever happen, shame.

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