Playtime Season 4 Screen Test: Dungeon Tower

Playtime Season 4 Screen Test

Production of Playtime Season 4 has begun! This screenshot gallery features one of the new locations currently under construction; the Dungeon Tower.

Playtime S4 Test 8.ashx

Built atop the Forge World rock spire, the Dungeon Tower is meant to resemble the visual style of the Ascendant Tower from Playtime Season 2.

Playtime S4 Test 6.ashx

While the Dungeon Tower itself is not as large as the Ascendant Tower, it's peak height is the same, thanks to the rock spire upon which it stands. Its upper antennas reach beyond the Forge World soft ceiling.

Playtime S4 Test 1.ashx

A path of structures and walkways spiral upwards from the base of the rock spire, leading to the Tower's rear entrance.

Playtime S4 Test 9.ashx

The tower's front door leads to a long catwalk extending high above the ocean, and a landing pad.

Playtime S4 Test 5.ashx

Playtime S4 Test 4.ashx

Playtime S4 Test 10.ashx

Playtime S4 Test 3.ashx

Playtime S4 Test 2.ashx

I'll be posting more updates on Playtime Season 4 as production continues. If you have comments or suggestions for the Dungeon Tower, please post them below. I'd love to hear what you think!

In the meantime, you can catch up on previous episodes of Playtime here


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8 comments on “Playtime Season 4 Screen Test: Dungeon Tower
  1. Kc40k says:

    I must admit that Halo 4 is mediocre, especially for making machinimas. But I’m glad there’s going to be a fourth season.

  2. x Master Rob x says:

    Is that right? Huh. Those are real obstacles, no question. Maybe I’ll have to reconsider. Thanks, I didn’t know about the text in theater mode. I was more concerned that you couldn’t change your armor color in Flood mode, but the text is a dealbreaker. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that the textures in Halo 4 were maybe a step backwards (or sideways).

    Anyways, bring on season 4!

    • Playtime says:

      There is a way around the text issue, but it can be complicated depending on what you’re filming.

      When you start a saved film in theatre mode, you begin from the perspective of one of the players. You need to “detach” the camera to go into free-cam mode. Except when you enter free-cam, you’re still technically connected to that same player (if you press Y your camera will snap back to them). So you still get the text updates when:

      1) that player kills someone
      2) when that player is killed.

      So you can avoid it by attaching your camera to a player who is not part of the action, then going into free-cam. As long as the player does not die or score any kills themselves, there will be no text updates. As you can imagine, this gets difficult to manage if you are filming an action sequence.

      Interestingly enough, Reach has a similar glitch, except with the announcer instead of text updates. But it isn’t as much of a problem because the announcer doesn’t say something every single time you get a kill.

      • x Master Rob x says:

        Oh, thanks! So the text situation is avoidable, that’s really useful advice! (The Reach voice thing is frustrating as hell though, I’ve definitely encountered that!)

        Still, Reach is the superior machinima engine, though Halo 4 at least gets credit in my book for letting guest players use all the unlocked Armor of the main accounts.

  3. x Master Rob x says:

    Looks great, can’t wait! Will Season 4 be a 4-episode run like Seasons 1-2 or a 10-episode epic like Season 3?

    Also, what about Halo 4 theatre mode makes it unusable? I’ve been thinking of possibly making the switch myself.

    • Playtime says:

      I’m not sure how long Season 4 will be. Probably somewhere in the middle between the other seasons… Maybe 5 or 6 episodes.

      There are a few things that prevented me from using Halo 4. The big one is the fact that characters can only lower their weapons when standing still. The moment you walk or turn, the gun pops up. It looks ridiculous if you want to film characters walking on a regular basis.

      There’s also a glitch in theatre mode. You know the text that appears on your HUD in multiplayer in the bottom-left corner? It still appears when using the free-camera. So if you’re filming action scene, you might get stuck with text popping up on screen.

      Halo 4’s multiplayer maps have almost no ambient sound. Filming in Forge World is great, because you get the sound of wind, birds, waterfalls, etc. Halo 4s maps are almost completely silent.

      The final issue is the way the game looks. I just like the character models and animations better in Reach. Reach’s textures also look better up close. Halo 4 uses a lot of low-res textures for rocks, grass, etc. Because I do so much close-up filming, this becomes really obvious.

  4. Matthew Gray says:

    I’m so excited for season four! I’ve been without Cobra and Warren for to long. Have you checked out forge in Halo 4? Magnets help with building alot. For huge elaborate projects their a lifesaver. Can’t wait!

    • Playtime says:

      Glad you’re excited! I have checked out Halo 4. Forge is great, but there are some big problems with theatre mode that make it impossible for me to use it for Playtime. Too bad :-/

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