Playtime Season 3 Episode 8: Jailbreak

Playtime Season 3 continues with episode 8: Jailbreak!

As the battle between the Rangers and the Invaders continues, Warren searches for Cobra in a desperate rescue mission.




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“Playtime” was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo Reach, © Microsoft Corporation.

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2 comments on “Playtime Season 3 Episode 8: Jailbreak
  1. Cruel G4M3R says:

    hay CruelLEGACEY i might make a machinima but i dont know waht to call it any ideas

  2. Ashley XBLGT: Perci2112 says:

    at the end; “there is no way this could possibly go wrong, or work.”

    gonna love seeing the next EP cruellegacy, i like the pair of elites who are copying warren and cobra, LOL!

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