Playtime – Episode 2: Crash Course

It's Playtime!



Come back next Tuesday July 5th to catch Playtime - Episode 3: The Grif Cannon!

“Playtime” was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo Reach, © Microsoft Corporation.

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10 comments on “Playtime – Episode 2: Crash Course
  1. Drumman2001 says:

    Your show is the best ever!!!!!

  2. scorpion CRACK says:

    i liked the part where he teleported

  3. scorpion CRACK says:

    cruelLEGACEY u want 2 play borderlands 1 day

  4. Jman says:

    nice one must of been hard to make

  5. what i cant ear you!! you just stepped on another one!! LOL!

  6. Fijiman says:

    You show is awesome! Definitely recommending it to my friends. 🙂

  7. ****** says:

    Best show ever!

  8. Raging Striker says:

    Love the series, its very entertaining. I like that you’re using forgeworld as such an integral part of the series. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for episode three.

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